If your home or office is limited in space, you may think that forgoing window treatments will help a small room appear larger. However, it’s possible to cover your windows and enhance the small room. Discover the best window treatments for small spaces and the many custom window shades that Made in the Shade Eastern Shore has to offer. 

Top Window Treatments for Small Spaces

Plantation Shutters

Do you want to block sunlight from a room without a window treatment that takes up space? Plantation shutters offer a stylish solution. You can easily give your space natural light by flipping them open or closing them to ensure your privacy. 

Your small space will look much more sophisticated and elegant when you install plantation shutters over the window. One of the biggest draws of this window covering is its high-end look that is easy to clean and maintain. 


Windows without any type of covering look incomplete and can take away from the space. Valences are an excellent solution if you want to cover a small portion of the window. Soft fabric hangs from a rod at the top of your window frame and covers the top portion of the window for a personalized look.

Valences are the perfect addition to windows in any small space, including bathrooms, kitchens, or offices. You can enhance the room’s design with the valence you choose. For example, selecting a fabric color that matches much of your decor creates cohesion, then choosing a bold pattern, is an effective way to make a statement. 


Flowy curtains are some of the best window treatments for small spaces because they can help soften the room while allowing natural light to pour through. You can opt for a minimalist window covering like cafe curtains or choose light fabric for a full-length design. Both options will add character to your space and complete the interior design. 

Curtains are especially ideal for small bedrooms because you can open your window at night for a sound sleep. Any breeze that blows through the window shouldn’t disturb you, while other window treatments, like clanky blinds, make noises.

Roller Shades

You can easily get privacy by pulling down a roller shade, but that’s not the only benefit of this window treatment. You have your pick of countless designs and materials that can give your small space more character. For example, elegant, layered Roman shades are perfect for adding texture, while woven wood shades complement a rustic interior.

The materials also determine how much light your room receives. Choosing a sheer roller shade brings in soft, filtered light, while opaque materials block light and increase privacy.

Upgrade Your Small Space With Custom Window Treatments

Made in the Shade Eastern Shore has a wide selection of bungalow window treatments and other coverings that will enhance any room, big or small. Our experts can help you choose the perfect window treatments for small spaces and install them quickly. Visit our showroom, call (302) 663-4940, or schedule an in-home consultation on our website.