Timeless Elegance


Indulge in the timeless elegance of Roman Window Shades, where classic design meets modern functionality. Made in the Shade offers an exquisite selection of roman shades, featuring luxurious fabrics from renowned brands. Soft, foldable fabric layers provide a sophisticated, drapery-like appearance that enhances your room’s decor.

Roman Shades for your home come in different styles like flat fold and teardrop. You can customize them to match your personal taste and interior design.

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Roman Shades Key Features:

  • Variety of styles to appeal to all types of design preferences
  • Wide selection of materials, including soft silks, classic stripes, bold patterns, refined neutrals and stylish jacquards
  • Available in many style options, from relaxed, to hobbled, to ribbed folds and then classic flat
  • When raised, Roman shades stack and appear as a decorative valance at the top of the window
  • Always impress with Roman Shades due to the depth and warmth created in the room
  • Provide privacy while allowing natural light into the room
  • Neutral fabric lining from the street side for a uniform appearance
  • Can be motorized or cordless for child safety

Find Roman Shades to Inspire You.

Roman Shades combine the beauty of soft fabric draperies with the functionality and simplicity of traditional shades, offering an elegant solution that enhances both the aesthetic and comfort of your space. They provide versatile light control and privacy options, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance in any room with their smooth, adjustable folds.

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