Adding Graceful Ambiance to any Room


Transform your home with the delicate elegance of Sheer Shades, where design meets innovation. At Made in the Shade Blinds, we feature an exquisite selection from top industry brands.

Sheer Shades offer a soft, diffused light that creates a serene ambiance in any room. Combining the functionality of blinds with the beauty of sheer fabric, these window shades provide privacy while allowing natural light to filter through. Available in a range of colors and vane sizes, Sheer Shades add a touch of elegance to your windows.

Embrace the luxury of motorized options, making light control effortless. Contact us for a free in-home consultation, and let us bring our showroom to you, ensuring a perfect fit with our professional measuring and installation services.

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Sheer Shades Key Features:

  • Available in a wide variety of vane sizes, providing several different view options
  • Sheer fabrics help protect furniture and floors from harmful UV rays
  • Diffuses harsh sunlight and disperses it evenly throughout the room
  • Operates as easily as a roller shade
  • Tucks seamlessly into a matched fabric-wrapped valance
  • Ideal for those who enjoy the view-through of a sheer, but also need daytime privacy
  • Different opacities available from light filtering to room dimming
  • Easily integrate motorization with your home automation system

Find Sheer Shades to Inspire You.

Sheer Shades offer a graceful blend of light control and privacy, with delicate fabric vanes suspended between two sheer layers, creating a soft, diffused lighting effect. This innovative design merges the airy beauty of sheers with the practical function of blinds, allowing for a seamless transition from a gentle glow to privacy with a simple adjustment.

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