Anyone searching for a versatile window treatment can’t go wrong with dual sheer shades. These window coverings look great in any space and provide plenty of benefits to homeowners. Discover everything you should know about dual sheer shades and turn to Made in the Shade Eastern Shore to install custom window shades in your home. 

Dual Sheer Shades: All the Basics

They Feature Two Different Materials

As the name implies, dual sheer shades come with two layers of material. One layer includes a sheer fabric to allow soft rays of light to filter into the room, while the other layer, usually horizontal blinds, is not transparent. The two materials come together to offer you plenty of natural light or complete privacy, depending on your preference.  Because of this unique two-in-one design, you get the best of both worlds by installing a dual sheer shade on your windows. This also gives you more freedom in selecting the type of materials you want based on the blind’s width, colors, and textures. For instance, you could opt for classic roller and screen shades or choose a layered fabric that features bold geometric designs. 

They Filter Light

Glaring sunlight is not always a good thing, especially since strong rays can fade the colors of your furniture or floors. With a sheer fabric covering your windows, your house will receive natural light with a soft glow to it. This light-filtering ability can make your home feel cozy and calm, especially when the sun is at its strongest. When you don’t want the sun’s rays to pour through your space, simply use the opaque layer of fabric to block it out. Your home can be as light or dark as you want it to be with this versatile window covering. 

They’re Energy-Efficient

Because of the impressive light control of dual sheer shades, they make an excellent energy-efficient window covering. You can draw more heat into your house by keeping your shades open during peak sunlight hours in cold months. The energy savings continue during hot stretches since you block the sun’s rays and keep your space cool.  Adding these shades to your windows boosts your home’s insulation so you can retain a comfortable indoor temperature, no matter how extreme the temperature is outside. Take advantage of these shades and prepare to save money on your energy costs each year. 

They Have Several Control Options

You can install these shades with a standard cord or opt for convenience and install them with motorized control. You can select the option that best suits your needs and easily allow or block light from entering your home. 

Let Our Team Install Custom Shades in Your Home

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