You’ve got plenty to think about when designing your child’s nursery. You want every component of the room to be practical, aesthetically pleasing, and safe. Choosing window treatments is no different.

As a concerned parent, you might be searching “how to choose window treatments for a nursery.” As your trusted source of window treatments, we’re here to help. We’ll provide several tips for dressing up your nursery windows in a safe, practical, and beautiful way.

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Helpful Tips for Choosing Nursery Window Treatments

Wondering how to choose window treatments for a nursery? With so many options, it’s helpful to start narrowing down your list. Use our tips to get a better sense of the window treatments you need.

Block Out the Light for Better Sleep

Window treatments should always be practical. In a nursery, one of the most crucial functions of window treatments is to block out the sunlight. They should darken the room and allow your child — and you, in turn — to sleep better. Several types of window treatments are adept at preventing light exposure in baby rooms. 

Cellular shades offer excellent light control while helping maintain comfortable room temperatures. You can install Roman shades on their own or on top of blinds to completely block out sunlight. Combining thick curtains with blinds or shades is another option that provides a blackout option inside the nursery. 

Keep Them Out of Reach for Increased Safety

The perfect nursery window treatments are the safest ones. You don’t want to give your child any chance of hurting themselves. Therefore, choose window treatments that are out of reach.

If you opt for shades, choose shorter ones and avoid floor-length options. Valances and shades are good choices, as they are typically inaccessible to small children.

You should also consider cordless window treatments for increased safety. If you do choose to include cords, install a cord safety device or breakaway cords that detach under significant stress.

Consider Lasting Design Aesthetics

When choosing your window treatments, you’ll also want to consider nursery design. Neutral colors last years, remaining aesthetically pleasing as your child grows. Shades and curtains come in numerous neutral hues and designs you can pair with just about any nursery theme. 

Combining shades and curtains is another excellent option. Install neutral and subtle roller or cellular shades, then add a splash of color with the curtains. That way, you can replace the curtains to match a new room design down the road while keeping the same shades.

Find Your Ideal Nursery Window Treatments

Hopefully, these tips have taught you more about how to choose window treatments for a nursery. Explore the collection at Made in the Shade to find your blinds, shades, or curtains. For more information, or to check out window treatments for your master bedroom, call us today at (302) 663-4940.