Why Clean Pleated Shades?

Pleated shades become dirty and dusty without cleaning them on a regular basis. Knowing how to clean pleated shades is crucial to prevent respiratory illnesses from airborne contaminants and remove all debris from their folds without damaging the material.

Made in the Shade understands the importance of keeping your premium quality pleated shades clean. Get a free estimate for a pleated shades installation from us in Selbyville, DE, and follow the steps below to keep them in top condition.

Best Practices for Cleaning Pleated Shades

1. Read Manufacturer Care Instructions

It’s crucial to read the manufacturer’s care instructions for cleaning pleated shades to avoid damaging them. Follow any specific directions included with your shades. You can find cleaning and care instructions online or with the original documentation and packaging, or you can contact a third-party business for assistance.

2. Determine How Much Dirt Your Shades Have

The dirtier your shades are, the deeper the clean they’ll need. Pleated shades in areas with high traffic or that face frequent opening and closing are often the dirtiest from physical contact. Stained fabric may require a soak or removal from its fixture to spray it with soap, while dusty pleated shades may only need vacuuming.

3. Use Basic Items for Cleaning

Regarding how to clean pleated shades without damaging them, you should collect a vacuum with a soft brush nozzle, a feather duster to remove standing dirt, and towels to catch dust that falls to the floor. Keep vacuums on low settings to avoid damaging fabric.

A special cleaning solution isn’t necessary; use mild soap and warm water to wash off stuck-on dirt and debris. A hairdryer is perfect for drying the material to prevent warping. Work top to bottom and avoid excessive pressure.

4. Remove Shades and Clean Carefully

Depending on how dirty your pleated shades are, you may need to soak them briefly. Remove them if necessary and clean them following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Soak the shades in your bathtub. Handle the fabric gently to avoid tears and prevent water from going down the headrail. Dry the material quickly after washing to avoid warping and restaining using a hair dryer or letting them air dry.

5. Clean Them Regularly

It’s possible to keep pleated shades looking brand new with regular cleaning and maintenance. You will save money on cleaning products and new shades, keep your family’s respiratory health in good shape, and avoid needing professional cleaning. Clean pleated shades once weekly in high-traffic areas in your home and shades in lower-traffic areas biweekly.

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