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Solutions for High Window Shades: What Works Best?

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Ever stared up at those towering windows in your home, puzzled about how to dress them? High windows can be a design conundrum – too high to reach and yet too beautiful to leave bare. Enter the perfect solution: shades for high windows.

“Why would I need shades?” you may ask. Well, it’s simple – they’re not just window dressing. They let you control natural light like a maestro conducts an orchestra, creating an inviting atmosphere that speaks volumes about your taste.

In this journey of discovery, we’ll explore various types of shades, from roller to cellular ones and even shutters! You’ll learn how installing these marvels can boost energy efficiency while enhancing privacy. But hold on! There’s more…

But we’re not just giving you options. We’ve also got solid advice ready to roll on measuring and installation methods for a flawless fit.

Maximize Your Space with Shades for High Windows

shades for high windows

If you’ve got high windows in your home, you know the challenges they can bring. But have you ever thought about how shades could help? Let’s explore this idea.

The Challenge of High Windows

High windows are a fantastic architectural feature that let in lots of natural light and gives a sense of spaciousness.

However, controlling the amount of sunlight coming through or maintaining privacy can be tough due to their height.

This is where window shades come into play. Not only do they solve these problems, but they also add an aesthetic touch to your space.

The Magic of Window Shades

Installing shades for high windows, whether roller, cellular or Roman styles, brings numerous benefits. They allow for precise control over natural light entering the room and enhance energy efficiency by reducing heat gain during summer months.

Besides functionality, they offer a sleek look that complements both modern and traditional interiors alike because customization options abound. You get to choose from various fabrics, colors, textures and patterns according to your preference.

A More Inviting Atmosphere with Shades

No one likes feeling exposed – especially at home. With custom-fit shades installed on your high windows, privacy won’t be an issue anymore as it’ll prevent prying eyes without compromising daylighting.

In fact, having adequate light control will enable you to create different moods depending on the time of day; bright mornings or dimly lit evenings – all while preserving views outside.

So if you’re looking forward to getting maximum use out of every square foot in your living space plus enhancing its visual appeal, shades for high windows are the way to go. It’s a win-win situation; you get practicality and style all in one.

Key Takeaway:

High windows might seem tricky when it comes to managing light and privacy. But here’s the good news – with shades, whether they’re roller, cellular or Roman style, you can have your cake and eat it too. You get to control natural light flow, amp up energy efficiency and even jazz up your room’s look. What’s more? They give you all the privacy you need without blocking out that beautiful daylight. With plenty of custom options at hand, you’re in for a real treat: practicality beautifully intertwining with aesthetics.

Benefits of Installing Shades for High Windows

Installing shades on high windows can make a big difference in your home or office. Shades for high windows can look amazing, yet they additionally offer some noteworthy advantages that you may not anticipate.

Better Energy Efficiency

High window shades improve energy efficiency by blocking heat during the summer and trapping it inside during the winter. According to the Department of Energy, this can help cut down cooling costs by around 33% and heating expenses up to 25%. That’s real savings.

Incredible Light Control

No more squinting. High window shades let you control natural light levels better than bare windows ever could. You get the right amount of daylight without glare messing with your eyes or fading your furniture.

Boosted Privacy Without Sacrificing Views

We all value our privacy, right? But we also love good views from our windows. With high window shades, you don’t have to choose between these two anymore. They allow just enough view-through while keeping prying eyes out.

Sleek Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetics matter too when it comes to choosing treatments for those towering panes. From modern roller styles to classic Roman designs – there are plenty of options available to match any decor style perfectly.

So why wait? Get started today and reap these benefits plus many more with professional installation of shades for your high windows.

Types of Shades for High Windows

If you have high windows, you’re not limited in your shade options. Different types offer unique benefits that can enhance your space and provide the light control you need.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are a versatile choice for high windows. They come in various fabrics, from sheer to blackout, letting you decide how much light enters the room.

Cellular Shades

Known for their energy efficiency, cellular shades’, or honeycomb design traps air to insulate your home against heat and cold. Plus they look sleek on any window—high or low.

Solar Shades

Solar shades, also known as sunscreens, protect furniture from harmful UV rays while still offering an outside view—a great fit if those high windows overlook stunning scenery.

Roman Shades

The classic elegance of Roman shades can make a grand statement on high windows. With various styles and fabric options, they’re as functional as they are fashionable


If you’re after durability and classic style, shutters might be your best bet. They provide excellent light control and privacy while adding an architectural element to the room.

Picking out the perfect shade for your high window isn’t just about looks—it’s also about practicality. Think of what each type brings to the table: Do you want UV protection? Maybe energy efficiency?

How to Measure and Install Shades for High Windows

High windows can add an elegant touch to any room, but they also present unique challenges when it comes to window treatments. Measuring and installing shades correctly is crucial for optimal performance.

Taking Accurate Measurements

The first step in getting the perfect fit for your high window shades is accurate measurement. You’ll need a sturdy ladder or scaffolding, a metal tape measure, and someone to lend you a hand.

  • To start with the width, extend your tape from one end of the inside frame to the other. Make sure you take three measurements – top, middle, and bottom – then use the narrowest as your final measurement.
  • For height: measure from the top inside edge down to where you want your shade base. Like before, record multiple points (left side, center right) using longest as your guide.

Note these numbers clearly because this data will be key when ordering custom-made shades for high windows.

Fitting Your Shades

You’ve measured meticulously; now it’s time to get those shades up there. Depending on what type of shade product you chose – roller blinds or Roman drapes – the installation process might vary slightly.

In general though, brackets go up first securely fixed into either the wall or ceiling above the window opening.

Once that’s done, snap-fit the blind rail into place to ensure its firm and secure hold. You may have the option of a motorized control system, which could require additional setup steps. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer closely for the best results.

Hiring Professional Help

High windows can be tricky. High windows can be difficult to manage not only due to their placement, but also the range of sizes and forms they may come in. Even if you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast, sometimes it’s best to hire professionals for this task.

A professional installer has the right tools and experience necessary for installing shades on high windows efficiently and safely. They’ll not only make sure that your window treatment fits perfectly, but will also take care of any adjustments needed later on.

Key Takeaway:

Getting the right fit for high window shades needs a sharp eye. Kick things off by nailing down your window’s width and height with a trusty metal tape measure. You might need to climb up on sturdy scaffolding or ladder, so be careful. Write down these measurements because they’re super important when you order custom-made shades. The way you install them can differ based on the shade type – usually, it starts with locking in the brackets before setting up the blind.

Professional Installation Services for Shades on High Windows

Hiring a professional installer when fitting shades to high windows is vital. But why, you may ask? Attempting to construct a complex piece of furniture without the proper tools and instructions can be likened to installing window shades, particularly those designed for high windows. It would be pretty challenging, right?

The same goes for installing window shades – especially ones designed for high windows.

Why Hire Professionals?

A professional service takes the guesswork out of the process and ensures that your blinds fit perfectly and function correctly. MITS Eastern Shore, as an example, offers seasoned professionals who understand how important precision is in this task.

Their experience means they can handle all types of situations. Whether dealing with unusually shaped windows or difficult-to-reach areas, they have seen it all before and know exactly what to do.

Services Offered by Professional Installers

Beyond just hanging up your new shades, these experts offer comprehensive services that add value long after installation day. Here are three key things they bring:

Precise Measurement: They measure each window accurately so your custom blinds will fit like a glove. A well-fitted blind not only looks great but also performs better in terms of light control and energy efficiency.

Careful Installation: These pros use their expertise to install each shade properly ensuring optimal performance while avoiding damage to both the product and your home’s interior walls.

Maintenance Tips: After setting everything up just right, most reputable firms won’t leave you clueless. They’ll share tips and tricks on how to maintain your shades, extending their lifespan.

So yes, you could try to install those high window shades yourself. But hiring professionals like the team at MITS Eastern Shore means peace of mind knowing it’s done right – saving you time, stress and potentially even money in the long run.

Key Takeaway:

Go Pro with High Window Shades: Getting professionals to install your high window shades ensures perfect fit, top performance, and longevity. With accurate measurements, careful installations, and handy maintenance tips – they take the guesswork out of the process. You save time, avoid stress and could even cut costs in the long run.


So, you’ve embarked on this enlightening journey to dress your high windows. We dived into the ocean of options – from roller shades to cellular ones and shutters.

We highlighted why shades for high windows aren’t just a pretty face. They control natural light like a seasoned maestro, giving you that perfect balance between privacy and brightness.

Remember, measuring is key! You need accuracy for an optimal fit. And while we’re all about DIY, sometimes getting professional help makes things easier (and safer!).

Now, take the next step towards improving your home by scheduling an appointment with the professionals at MITS Eastern Shore. Let our experts guide you in selecting and installing the perfect shades for your high windows. Don’t wait; transform your space today! Contact us now to get started.

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