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Woven Wood Shades
For a Natural, Organic Look and Feel

Why choose Woven Wood Shades?

Woven Wood Shades (also known as Natural Shades) add a warm, rich dimension to any room, whether hanging flat in the fully lowered position or raised, creating even, overlapping folds. Their relaxed and inviting appearance adds so much to any decor for your home or office. The combination of fine wood and natural bamboo used in woven wood shades gives any room the look and feel of nature at its elegant best. In addition to the materials being stunningly beautiful, they are exceptionally durable.

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Woven Woods Shade Features

  • Natural, exquisitely hand-crafted woven woods offer exotic beauty and flexibility in design treatments.
  • A versatile selection of bamboo, rattan, reeds, jute, and woods offers flexibility in decorating needs.
  • Available with liners for ultimate light control
  • Available with top-down configuration to ensure privacy while maintaining the view
  • Adds a unique, organic appeal to any room or decor