plantation shutters with curtains

How to Pair Plantation Shutters with Curtains: A Guide

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Pairing plantation shutters with curtains can seem like a daunting task.

You may feel unsure how to accessorize your shutters best or if you should even attempt it. Or if you even should.

The idea of pairing plantation shutters with curtains might feel overwhelming. You love your shutters’ clean lines and classic look, but maybe they need something more?

Fear not! When done right, combining these two elements can elevate your room’s style while adding an extra layer of functionality. And trust me, knowing how to pair plantation shutters with curtains is easier than it seems!

Understanding the Benefits of Combining Plantation Shutters and Curtains

plantation shutters with curtains

Combining plantation shutters with curtains is a popular choice in window treatments. This pairing not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your room but also provides functional benefits.

  1. Enhanced Light Control and Privacy
    Achieving an optimal balance between light control and privacy can be challenging, but combining plantation shutters with curtains makes it achievable. Quality plantation shutters, such as hardwood or heavier faux wood options, effectively regulate the amount of sunlight entering your space. Adding curtains offers an extra layer of privacy protection. Here’s more on why this combination works so well together:
  2. Visual Appeal
    Pairing different textures, like reclaimed wood plantation shutters with medium-weight cotton curtains, creates a visually appealing contrast that adds depth to your window dressing without compromising design harmony.
  3. Versatility in Style Change
    This unique pairing provides flexibility when changing room styles, eliminating the need for entirely new window treatments each time you decide to update based on trends or personal preferences. Neutral shutter colors can peacefully coexist with various curtain patterns, making updates more accessible.

Choosing the Right Plantation Shutters for Your Home

Selecting plantation shutters involves careful consideration of several elements. Your window treatments’ size, material, and color can significantly influence their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Size Factor

Precise measurements are crucial to ensure that you choose shutters ideally suited to your windows. For smaller or uniquely shaped windows, custom-made hardwood plantation shutters may be an excellent choice.

Picking the Perfect Material

You have numerous options when it comes to shutter materials. Reclaimed wood plantation shutters offer a charming rustic look, while heavier faux-wood alternatives provide durability with minimal maintenance requirements. Always prioritize quality when choosing these integral components of your home’s decor. More information on this topic is available here.

Color Selection: Making It Blend Or Stand Out?

The color scheme significantly influences how well they blend into existing décor or how well a pair of curtains peacefully coexist alongside them in changing room styles. A neutral shade works effectively with most curtain patterns, but don’t hesitate to make bolder choices if they appropriately enhance your overall design theme.

Selecting the Perfect Curtains to Complement Your Plantation Shutters

plantation shutters with curtains

However, by focusing on three main factors—texture, pattern, and color—this process can be made simpler.

Texture: Finding Balance in Contrasts

The first step is determining the right curtain texture that complements your chosen plantation shutters. If you have opted for hardwood or heavier faux-wood plantation shutter options, medium-weight cotton curtains are an excellent choice as they provide balance while maintaining visual interest.

If rustic appeal is what you seek through reclaimed wood plantation shutters, then textured linen or velvet curtains may serve better due to their heavier feel.

Pattern: Adding Visual Interest

In terms of patterns when combining plantation shutters with curtains, there’s room for creativity if your quality plantation shutters are neutral-colored, such as white or cream. Patterned curtains can add depth without overwhelming the decor. Choosing harmonious patterns, however, requires careful consideration so they blend seamlessly into existing interior design elements rather than clashing against them.

Color: Cohesion vs Drama

Last but not least comes choosing colors when adding window treatments like hanging panel curtains alongside installed plantation shutters. It’s crucial here to either stick close to hues already present in space (for cohesion) or opt for contrasting ones (to inject drama).


FAQs in Pairing Plantation Shutters With Curtains

You can style curtains with plantation shutters by choosing complementary colors and textures. Ensure the curtain fabric is light enough to allow natural light through while providing privacy.

Absolutely, combining curtains and shutters in the same room can add depth, texture, and a touch of elegance to your interior decor.

Yes, it’s usually best if your plantation shutters match or complement your window frames for a cohesive look throughout the space.


Pairing plantation shutters with curtains is an art that adds elegance to your space. You’ve discovered the benefits of this stylish combination and how it enhances function and aesthetics in any room. Selecting the right plantation shutters based on size, material, and color has been demystified for you. You now know how to choose curtains that perfectly complement these shutters, considering texture, pattern, and color as key factors.

If all this seems overwhelming or you prefer professional help, consider contacting MITS Eastern Shore. We specialize in selling and installing all window blinds for commercial and residential properties, including shutters and custom draperies. Let us assist you in creating the perfect blend of plantation shutters and curtains tailored specifically for your home or business. Visit our website today!

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