The Best Window Coverings for Large Windows

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Considering Coverings for Your Large Windows

Large windows are among the most challenging to cover. When considering window coverings for large windows, it’s crucial to keep your concerns in mind while searching for window treatments with dimensions big enough for your home’s windows. It’s possible to find options that offer UV light protection, energy efficiency, and motorization and look good at the same time.

Custom window coverings are the perfect solution for large windows. If you need large window coverings in Selbyville, DE, or the surrounding area, choose Selbyville’s professional window treatments by Made in the Shade. Keep reading to find out more about the top options homeowners should select for their large windows.

Top Window Treatments for Large Windows

1. Roller Shades

Roller shades give your rooms a modern look and fit well on large windows due to their simple design. They come in many fabric and color options for living rooms, bedrooms, and other household spaces where large window coverings are necessary. They’re a worthwhile consideration whether you want thicker shades to block sunlight or thin fabric shades to maintain privacy while allowing natural light.

2. Composite Shutters

Homeowners wanting a classic look without suffering from the damaging effects of humidity and heat on their window coverings may consider composite shutters. Their synthetic material means they can look like wood and other materials but without the disadvantages of fading or peeling. 

3. Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds make excellent window coverings for large windows in homes with rustic, beachy, or otherwise natural interior design schemes. Darker-toned wood offers excellent light blockage, while lighter wood, like bamboo, gives oversized windows a refreshing appearance while maintaining privacy. Real wood blinds may warp in humid areas, but synthetic wood options are available.

4. Cellular Shades

Individuals wanting optimal energy efficiency can use cellular shades to achieve better indoor temperatures despite having large windows. Their insulative properties keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer. 

Some models include functionality to lift or lower sections of the shades for extra sunlight without sacrificing privacy. Motorization systems can increase their functionality and add hands-free operation.

5. Drapes

Drapes fit the full length of your windows and look great, whether open or closed. They are a popular choice due to the large variety of colors available and the classic yet simplistic look they provide. Large sections of fabric make them the perfect size to cover your large windows while keeping sunlight out.

Find the Perfect Window Coverings for Large Windows in Selbyville, DE

When store-bought window coverings are too limited for your large windows, opt for custom window coverings from Made in the Shade. Our affordable pricing, superior customer service, and lifetime product warranties make us the go-to for your large window coverings in the area. 

Check out our blog to learn about window blinds ideas for living rooms and get more information on the perfect window coverings for large windows. Schedule a free consultation from Made in the Shade by calling (302) 663-4940 today.

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