dual sheer shades

What Are Dual Sheer Shades?

Anyone searching for a versatile window treatment can’t go wrong with dual sheer shades. These window coverings look great in any space and provide plenty of benefits to homeowners. Discover everything you should know about dual sheer shades and turn to Made in the Shade Eastern Shore to install custom window shades in your home.  Dual Sheer

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Wood Blinds

Choosing the Right Wood Blinds for Your Bedroom Decor

A wood blind is a natural, timeless window covering that comes in a variety of styles and finishes that is often used in bedroom improvements and bedroom makeovers. Wooden blinds can be made from real wood and come in a variety of styles and finishes, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. This blog

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Black Wood Blinds

The Timeless Elegance of Black Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are a visually pleasing choice for window treatments in any room of your home. They bring natural warmth, texture, and versatility that can complement various design styles, adding elegance to your space. These blinds offer both privacy and style, allowing you to easily adjust the amount of light and reduce glare. Read on

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bungalow window treatment

The Best Bungalow Window Treatments

Bungalows are small houses of one or one and a half stories. Though relatively undersized, they make cozy homes and provide numerous benefits to make your daily life more enjoyable. These include open floor plans, extensive front porches, and plenty of windows.  To cover those windows, you’ll need to find bungalow window treatments that provide

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window treatments for nursery

How To Choose Window Treatments for a Nursery

You’ve got plenty to think about when designing your child’s nursery. You want every component of the room to be practical, aesthetically pleasing, and safe. Choosing window treatments is no different. As a concerned parent, you might be searching “how to choose window treatments for a nursery.” As your trusted source of window treatments, we’re

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window treatments for master bedroom

Top Ideas for Window Treatments for Your Master Bedroom

Designing your master bedroom requires forethought and delicacy to create a space that feels like a sanctuary of rest and relaxation. From architectural elements like doors, energy-efficient windows, and stunning skylights to the interior design, these choices impact your comfort and peace. An essential decision within your master bedroom includes window treatments to allow an

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decorating with wood blinds

6 Tips on Decorating With Wooden Blinds

Research demonstrates that adding curtains or blinds to your room can literally improve your health by mitigating the adverse impacts of light during sleep. Nevertheless, creating a space that feels both aesthetically and functionally cohesive maximizes the functionality of your window treatments. Wooden blinds offer an excellent option for light control and aesthetics. As one

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how to clean pleated shades

How to Clean Pleated Shades: Five Best Practices

Why Clean Pleated Shades? Pleated shades become dirty and dusty without cleaning them on a regular basis. Knowing how to clean pleated shades is crucial to prevent respiratory illnesses from airborne contaminants and remove all debris from their folds without damaging the material. Made in the Shade understands the importance of keeping your premium quality pleated

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Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Pleated Shades

When it comes to enhancing your windows with pleated shades, selecting the ideal fabric is crucial. The right fabric not only provides privacy and light filtering but also complements your style and meets the specific needs of your home. In this blog, we will explore key factors to consider when choosing pleated shade fabrics, taking

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